Eezi Trainer – ideal for swimming fitness

Maximise your swimming training or workout with the Eezi Trainer




Get stronger arms and improve your swimming fitness with the Eezi Trainer

The product

  • An Eezi Trainer
  • Available in small (pants size: 26-30); medium (pants size: 32-34); large (pants size: 36-38); x-large (pants size: 40-42); and 2x large (pants size: 44-46)
  • Includes cable and 2 x anchor points

Whether you’re a competitive swimmer, enjoy exercise in the water or specifically need to strengthen your arms and shoulders, the Eezi Trainer will help you reach your swimming goals.

The Eezi Trainer can be used for a variety of swimming styles like backstroke, butterfly, freestyle and breaststroke.

The Eezi Trainer was specifically designed to allow exercise at home in your own pool. It’s simple to use: strap the velcro straps around your waist and attach the cables to the anchor points provided