Carbon Ice Pillow

Get a good night’s comfortable sleep with the Carbon Ice pillow


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Sleep better with 7-in-1 technology that protects you from bacteria, allergens and keeps you cool

The product

  • A Carbon Ice pillow

The Carbon Ice pillow is constructed from dual memo density memory foam that allows you to choose your desired firmness. The black side is firmer, allowing for extra support and the blue side is softer, allowing a soft feel for your head, neck and shoulders.

The Carbon Ice pillow helps relieve muscle fatigue, pain and soreness while promoting proper spine alignment.

The Activ-Air technology utilises 3 different air flow cells in the pillow. This allows maximum comfort as well as continued air flow that keeps you cool while you sleep. 

Carbon Bamboo Charcoal protects against bacteria, dust mites, germs and allergens. Cooling gel foam aims to extend that “cold pillow” feeling throughout the night. 

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